Delivering message about your software product

Recently I’ve got a 2-days training from Omniture (hope to write more about it tomorrow). My question as a person, trying to sell online the software was: “How to deliver the message to the customers”.

In more details, I wanted to know, how to tell people more about product, how to find out, what do they think about the product.

It appeared to be more difficult that I thought. The teacher, based on his experience (Omniture analyzes 22% of The Internet) confirmed the picture, that I’ve seen myself.

When the site is about the software, almost no one is interested in reading the message! People just want, basically, 2 things:

  • download a trial
  • (may be) pay for it


That’s it. Looking at the real interface of the product costs thousand words. So, If you want to find out the best strategies for selling your software, spend your time in fine-tuning download page and simple e-store page. It’s there, where 95% of your customers will spend their time.

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  • Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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