Good Bad and Evil Google

Yesterday I gave a 15-min presentation to mostly non-technical people about everything what we’re doing with Google. It came to just a few bullet points

  1. Google is number one because they really trying to find you the best and the most relevant  information possible.
  2. The most important for the relevance of the search results is: Trust important (good, cool) sites and don’t trust unimportant sites. Important sites comes first in the search  and get the cream – views, visitors, clicks. 
  3. How to be important?
    • Good way – deliver great content. If we make a search for general words, like “virus” or “Johnny Depp” we find out that, for example, Wikipedia or IMDB are very important sites.  They have megatonnes of great content
    • Not so good way – optimize your content. Make it more “google-able” or make it more convenient for mostly text-only google engines. Here comes SEO (Search engine optimization).
    • Bad way – just buy your way through the search. Yes, it’s possible. Just use AdWords and come together with the best content sites. It’s good to be rich.

And yes, we’re following all three ways. Marketing department following  the good way, webmasters are doing the second and I’m busy with the third, sorry.

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