Are banners dead for e-commerce?

3 years ago I was completely disappointed in banners. We’re started several campaigns and never get any positive ROI from them. May be they help with branding or visibility, but I can not measure it.

3 years later and again we’re trying to start a campaign. Another couple of thousands euro spend on experiments.

The banner is big, it’s dynamic and it’s adjusted with the information from the visitor.

Result is – conversion 0.05 – 0.07% (zero dot zero seven per cent, I didn’t mistype number of zero’s)

May be Seth Godin was right after all about his ideas of permission marketing. You got to get some permission from a user before feeding them advertisement.

  • Banners on web-site -zero permission from the web-site visitor. 
  • Emails via some online community – already better, people have agreed to be part of the community, they expect emails.
  • Google Adwords – some more permission, people are typed a search term themselves, they expect some information.
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