3rd day fighting with Google Analytics

Already 3rd day we can not manage to force Google Analytics to count our e-commerce transactions.

The goal was to count number of products, sold in our e-shop and number of downloads there. Google just shows 0.

Specialist from Google Adwords Company thinking that the reason is a wrong domain name.

First it appears we forgot the dot before domain name

pageTracker._setDomainName(“.company.com”); //it was just company.com without first dot. Google can not track those cookies from different 3rd-level domains, if you don’t do it correct

Then it looks like we set up the setDomainName after _trackPageview:

// info about product sold. If this is called before setDomainName, it doesn’t count

Still doesn’t work. The latest idea was, that on some pages we forgot to be case-sensitve

pageTracker._setDomainname(“.company.com”);  //must be Name with capital N

Let’s see if this one works!

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