Following advice from Jeremy Schoemaker about what to write in a blog, I’ve decided to make it a bit less serious. I gues I was trying to write a book, not a blog. Ok, personal stuff.

Tree years ago I discovered audio books. I didn’t get the idea first, how could anyone sit on their sofa for hours and listed to a narrative. The information flow is too weak for me, I got bored and want something more active, like browsing Internet. Audio Books are normally slower than normal books. If you’re listening to a fiction novel and have a final pinnacle of confrontation between good and evil, a moment of maximum pressure, this moment can last 40-50 minutes on a audio book, it’s a bit too much.

But then I found you can listen to it in the car! It’s perfect, I spend more than 6 hours per week in the car, mostly on highways. Nothing really happens on highways, so I can spend part of my attention to a book.

At first, I’ve listened to the whole Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, then some other fiction books. Then a friend of my pointed into The Teaching Company. This company produces lectures on history, sociology, psychology, culture, almost everything. The lectures are read by the professors really fans of their own subjects and very interesting to listed too.

But it’s hard only to learn, sometimes fiction literature (sci-fi, history or classic) is a nice change. I’ve got all 5 famous books by Feodor Dostoevsky and enjoying his famous quality of characters. I’ve added a plug-in for WordPress showing which  book  I’m currently listening to.

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