Fraud with credit cards again

We’ve got again a number of products, bought via our e-store with stolen credit cards.

Sins we’re sending our products – activation codes electronically per email, customers can supply bogus delivery address an still receive their code via a temporary gmail account.

At this moment we have the following limits on our e-store:

  • no credit cards from countries except Europa are allowed (our e-shop officially sells only in Benelux)
  • IP of the user must belong to the same country as the card issues (sorry, problems for Dutch guys, who went on “caravans” to Spain and decided to buy antivirus there)
  • There are strict limits on number of purchases and amounts

And still they’re coming through! Some Dutch credit cards were stolen and used from the Netherlands (or via a Dutch proxy)

We’re sending all the money back, of course, we don’t want to be a bad e-shop. And when I was 3 days too late to do it, I had a visit from a fraud controller form our MasterCard/Visa acquirer. Better to be neat next time.

And of course, we don’t have any protection and virtually no fraude with iDEAL

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