URL redirection for partner links

URLs are the connections between different sites and businesses. If you plan an action with your online partner for promotion of a specified product via a specified landing page, you’ll come at the end to the URL.

In the URL normally you can find all this information:

  • what product is promoted
  • who is the partner
  • is there any special discount

which makes an URL a big deal.

There is even more: URLs, toothpaste and freedom have something in common – once they are let out, its very hard to put them in! If you send it to your partner or branded on a CD-Rom or simply let Google robot find it – you can not change it later.

This may sound a bit too obvoius, but many our online partners came to this decision independently and it was not very obvious for them Рyou need to be able to control your URLs.  Everybody understands that they need some kind of a redirection service.

If you made an URL like http://yourwebsite.com/buy_now.php?product=123&affiliate=345 don’t give it to your partner!

Make another one, like http://yourwebsite.com/redirect.php?redirect=12345 and use some redirection technology to send it to the real one.

Examples of technology can be used for that:

  • simple HTML with Refresh META tag (very old, I know)
  • URL cloaking services, like tiny url (although you outsource part of your system to an external party, which is not always great)
  • mod_rewrite from your Apache (for hardcore coders, who manage their services via ssh only!)
  • your own custom solution (if you have a custom web-shop,you can also build your own URL redirection service)
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