Selling Retail vs online

Lets talk about selling computer software for consumer market.

Two major ways to do it are – retail and online (there are more, but lets take the big ones).

Retail – in this case I mean just simply boxes in the stores.

Online – obvious.

The biggest difference is in the approach to your customer. With retail it’s almost always indirect. You’re selling to distributors, they’re selling to resellers, resellers are selling to the actual clients. It’s a big field for so called “sales” people. People in nice suits with inborn capacity to speak all ┬áday long. They can pursue another sales people to start selling. At the end the product appears on the shelves of the stores and if its there – it could be bought. In retail you have to push hard in order to let customers to pull your product from the shelf.

Online is a bit different. You are always in direct communication with the client. Banners, affiliates, google – they can only bring the customer to you, they will not sell him anything. It’s only you and your client. Online you don’t have to push hard, you just need to make customer to pull the product.

And this is not even “sales” anymore, it’s more “marketing” – fight in the head of the customer.

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