What does e-commerce mean

Yesterday we had a visit from our European director of eCommerce. This is this the aproximate list of topics under discussion:

  • Sales statistics and analyse
  • agencies cooperation
  • Reporting
  • User interaction
  • Other online shops
  • Electronic distributors relationships
  • Co-operations
  • Illegal products
  • Marketing

After coming to the end of this list, I was wondering, what kind of job this is? Which department should it belong to – Consumer Sales, Marketing or may be IT (looking at the number of technical issues). Currently it’s considered as a part of Sales team and we have sales benefits and responsibilities, such as target revenues. But is it the best place.

I guess the position of “eCommerce manager” is something like “webmaster” 10 years ago. A person who can manage all aspects of a website – system administration, application configuration, content publishing, copyrighting, design.

This position doesn’t exist anymore, different people fulfill the parts of this “webmaster”.

May be 10 years later there will be no “online sales” or e-commerce department, the responsibilities will be splitted between Marketing, Sales, IT and Security people.

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