Amsterdam Red Light District augustus 2009

Last weekend we were visiting Amsterdam with our friend. The last time I’ve visited in the Red Light District may be 3-4 years ago. There are definitely some changes. The number of windows with girls  is greatly reduced. There is almost no windows left on the main canal streets, only on a small ones.

Dutch authorities are actively trying to reduce the size of RLD in Amsterdam. They basically want to make the city cleaner and nicer.

But what the dutch are going to do without hookers? I’ll tell you: they’ll be just fine. Prostitution doesn’t have any deep roots in Dutch society, tolerance does. In every coutry of Europe there will be some small percentage of males with special needs. In the Netherlands they can fulfill their needs legally, that’s it.

Red Light District and coffeeshops are not even in the list of things Dutch are proud of. (I’ll try to recall the whole list in several days)

But back to what’s left from the Amsterdam RLD. It looks like quantity was replaced by quality. There are much more nice young girls with great bodies. This may be due to:

  • Marketing reasons: demand for better quality.
  • Just because last times I was walking there, the most girls were older than me. And now, years later, most of them are younger then me. And this changes my perception!

For people wishes to learn more about the black bottom of  Amsterdam, I recommend this website – Amsterdam XXX The walletjes ([R]-content) they have a nice FAQ section.

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