How to build channel from online clients

In this article I’ll mostly speak about Kaspersky Anti-Virus products, but it could be applied to other products as well.

One of the feature of modern Anti-Viruses – they’re keep asking for money every year. Traditionally all vendors provide a possibility to upgrade online, with some discount. For example, you buy a box with an antivirus solution for €40, it’s valid for 1 year. Next year you buy the “upgrade” license for €30 euro. The year after next – the same upgrade for €30 and so on.


When you let people to buy the discounted version, you of course want to be sure this customer had the €40-version before. You can do it by checking the serial number or activation code.


Everything seams logical and simply. But lets think about business part. Your retail resellers, selling boxes, may not be very happy about the fact that he sells the license once, but you (vendor) are getting money every year. And vendors are trying to solve this problem.


The basic solution is a special service, provided by some Anti-Virus vendors. If retailer sold a box to a customer, this customer considered as linked to this reseller. He/she is a part of this reseller sales channel. If this customer buys a license in the vendor shop, reseller can get some kick-back for the sales via it’s channel.


Somehow we must ensure that online customer belongs to this reseller, so its building an online sales channel.

Update: Part 2 is availiable.

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