Photos from Zurich

During our long weekend in Baden we’ve come to our friend in Basel. On Saturday we wanted to have a walk in a nice city for the whole day. Unfortunately Basel is not the best choice – the old part is to small, so we went to Zurich.

Actually Bern was our first choice, because the weather was not very sunny. And in Bern you can walk on the streets even if it’s raining. But on the highway right outside of Basel we’ve seen scary messages on big light panels: “Traffic jam to Bern due to an accident – waiting time 260 minutes!”. And they’re not kidding, Switzerland has just a few highways and when one of them is blocked  – the whole country has a problem.

So Zurich it was. The last time I didn’t like it much. Too Black-and-white center, to few bars, very snobbish. But it was >5 years ago and I can say Zurich improved a lot. The walking part is much bigger now. Zurich has enormous amount of restaurants and (looks like) night life is booming. I was never fun of night clubs, but representation is so good, that I wanted to try.

But we had just one day and went back to Basel the same evening.

Here are some pictures on my Flikr account:


Restaurant Bondella

river in Zurich

Zurich lake

Typical swiss picture

House on Zurich lake

Mcdonalds with swiss quality

Swiss design

Houses on Zurich lake

Zurich lake

square in Zurich

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