Auggen, Germany

Auggen is a small village on the German bank of Rein. It’s a part of famous white wine region. This region is divided by the Rein river to French and German parts. Before the second world war it was a part of Germany, but after Germany’s defeat western part become France. This part is world-famous Alsace region, very nice and making (allegedly) best white wine in the world.

German part of the same region is called Baden and is, of course, less known to wine-lovers. But the quality is the also very high.

Villages on the hills near Rein are very small, clean, full of “gasthaus”  (German type of bed-and-breakfasts hotels). They often have big wine factories where you can taste and buy some wine. The prices are very cheap and quality is superb! The most important that you’re sure about the temperature, at which the wine was stored. Which is crusual for the quality of the wine.

Here are some pictures from Auggen:
Small baker shop

One of the bed-and-breakfast places on the main squareWineyards of famous Auggen wine

View to Auggen, Rein en FranceAuggen panoram

Auggen chirch

Unimog by a wine producer house

Typical Auggen street

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