Activation codes vs serial numbers

What is the difference between an activation code and a serial number. The biggest one is:

One of them costs money and could be a product for your e-shop and another doesn’t cost anything.

Activation codes are secret numbers, which are used to activate some software. Normally it happens online. The generation of activation codes could be pretty secure. For example as far as I know, pirates could not make a tool which generates activation codes for Kaspersky Anti-Virus software. All “generators” which you can download from pirate sites have 20-30 fixed stolen ┬álicenses in it and give them to you in random.

Even if you manage to get the right code, the activation procedure means you have to connect to a server of the software vendor and try to get permission from them to use the software. At this point vendor could try to perform a “face control”. If the code was stolen in China and already used 500 times, I bet they just simply block it.

Normally crackers prefer to disable the control of the activation status in the software itself, not trying to beat the activation protocol.

After software is activated, it normally gets a serial number. It’s just a number identifying your copy, it could even be sequential. It can not be used in another copy of the software and can not be sold.

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