Why my credit card payment was rejected

A lot of people are asking this questions: I’ve used this credit card many times successfully , but why I can not pay in this particular e-shop?

Your payment could be filtered at 2 stages:

1. Credit Card Issuers

Mastercard or Visa are checking the following data from your credit card:

  • credit card number
  • expiration date
  • Name on the credit card
  • CSV-code
  • whether you have enough credit for your purchase

Normally this should be enough, I’m authenticated and I’ve authorized this payment. A credit card can not give you more. But the amount of credit card fraud  in the Inthernet is so enormously big, so almost all the e-shops make additional checks.

2. E-shop itself

E-shop has much more data, then just your credit card information. Your registration data, your IP-address, your purchases, etc. They can control a number of different things:

  • is your IP is in the same country as your reported home address?
  • is your IP in the same country as your credit card has been issued in?
  • do you order too many products, than normal user (or strange combinations of products. For example most of the vendors provide discounts on big amount of software licenses. So any user, who’s spending a lot of money on full price licenses in the shop is suspicious)?
  • have you bought something in this e-shop before
  • is your credit card number, IP, email address, phone, name or address are marked as “blacklisted” buy your Payment Service Provider?

and many more things could be checked automatically when you buy something in a e-shop.

Then it’s up to e-shop and you to try to have business together. For example last week bol.com (the biggest media-site in Netherlands) has rejected my payment. Most probably because I’ve done in from Belgium with Belgian credit card, but specified delivery address in Netherlands. Bol.com asked to send prove of my identity (scan of the passport) for the clarification. In this situation I’ve just bought what I wanted (new Sony eBook Reader PRS-600) from another e-shop and they’ve lost me.

But I don’t blame them of course. As I also have the same problems in my e-shop, I understand: it’s nothing personal, just business.

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