Sony eBook reader PRS-600

I’m an old fun of e-Book readers. I still own “always the best” REB-1100, cult product form a now deceased company RCA. Long time after the production was stopped, you still could see them on e-Bay.

After Sony issued the first e-book readers with e-ink, I of course immediately bought one, PRS-500, via American e-bay. It was not possible to buy it in Netherlands, despite on fact that e-ink was developed by Philips. I’ve read enormous amount of books via this device and got a lot of attention from different people in the trains. Everybody wanted to see what is its.

Although the idea is quite old, the market of e-book readers doesn’t look booming. I don’t know, may be because young generations prefer richer media formats, like video/audio. May be because it’s not very clear, where to buy the latest books officially. Amazon Kindle didn’t make a revolution yet, may be it will come.

Anyway, after 3 years my old PRS-500 has died (I guess battery, but I couldn’t send it to support, I was bought it non-officially in the USA), so I was looking for a new device. There are lot of names in the Dutch market, there is the current list on Dutch price comparison site Tweakers. I didn’t know any of them, may be with exception of very advanced and overpriced monsters from iRex Technologies, so I chose  Sony again.

The new reader PRS-600 looks a lot like old PRS-500.


(notice how the old one, on the right, got screwed up. e-Ink is passive, the battery is only used to change the image on the page. This book still shows the last image from more that a year ago)

It’s a bit lighter and the design is more logical. The biggest differences are touch-screen menu (very basic and clean), ability to recharge battery from mini-USB port even from level zero (it was a big disadvantage of PRS-500) and a bit better support of graphics.

You still have to make books via BookDesigner 4.0 and import them via horrible eBook Library program from Sony. But, that’s the price you pay to use non-commodity programs.

OK, I’ve loaded a couple of new books before going to 2-days conference of Kaspersky Online Sales Managers in Ingolstadt, Germany. Can’t wait to test it.

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