Security in airports is returning to normal

It was a great time before 9/11 and the whole “War against terror” thing. We all believed traveling will be easier and easier, Intra-European flights were almost the same as their Intra-American analogs – an expensive bus ride. Easy to check in, easy to fly.

Of course everything changed after we realized we live in a dangerous world with a number of hostile civilisations. Airport security was tightened to (sometimes) ridiculuis levels. You can not take water into the airport, you need to turn on your notebook (just to show that battery is a battery and not an explosive I guess) and so on. I remember once  I had to show my passport 3 times just to leave Switzerland.

Nowadays it looks like the security is starting to easy up:

  • 8 years passed sins 9/11 and we didn’t have any new terrorist attacks
  • Global Economic crisis dictates cost reduction, also on security personnel
  • Technology is advancing

This Friday I’ve managed to get to the plane in Munich without even showing passport to any person. This is how it looked:

  1. Automatic check in. It’s mandatory now for Lufthansa, they’re pushing to to use the devices instead of real persons. You can even check in your luggage. But this device I had to use my passport, because I didn’t have ticket or Lufthansa card. But not to an actual person
  2. Security check, where I didn’t have to show my passport or boarding pass
  3. At the plane there was still a girl, checking the boarding passes, but as an alternative to a machine. You can just swipe your pass and go forward

Nice and easy, plenty of time to enjoy Bavarian beer in the airport without standing in the queues.

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