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Recently I’ve discovered Neil Gainman. Yes, I know, as a good geek (nerd) I must have read all of him long time ago. At least because he’s an author of cult comic book “Sandman”

But there are so many books around and so few time. Anyway, I went through most of his novels last months in the car.

American Gods – very huge epic novel with a lot of cultural references to different pagan religions. Surprisingly in the world of Gods there is place for every religion: African, Indian, Native American, Irish, Scandinavian, but not Christian! And his comments don’t help either. Apparently he does understand, what is cool and what is not in the world of folklore. Odin is cool, because he’s one big bad m…f…r! And Christ is not, because he’s just simply good.

Anansi boys – a short novel, which utilizes the world of “American Gods”, but speaks about some particular God – Anansi and his sons. I loved the way actor played with different  African and African-American accents!

A Graveyard Book – the latest novel. A remake of Mowgli by Kipling. Very nice written, I can already recognize his characteristic writing tricks.  It looks like he adores Stephen King and users the same technologies to scary people.

I cound’t make myself to read “Stardust” or “Neverwhere”, because I’ve already seen the TV versions and didn’t enjoy them all that much. Nothing wrong with them, could be very interesting for teens. Unfortunately I can not enjoy such stories anymore (ooh, I feel soo ooold)

But the latest one was the best. This book he’s written together with Terry Prattchett – another modern author I adore.

Good Omens – also, the same as American Gods, huge epic story filled with cultural and historical references. It has favorite Pratchett review of old religious stories from prospective of cynical atheistic liberal 20-century approach. I’ve read that using religion in this mundane way, for example, presentation of angels and daemons as “spys” on earth harms the religion greatly. The same way as in Kevin Smith “Dogma“. Even if Gainman and Smith treat Christian religious symbols with a great deal of respect, the fact of misuse of those symbols is very harmful. But, let the Church take care of his, this is not by responsibility. Anyway, I liked the book a lot.

Hope to read a lot of new works of him.

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