chrome – browser made for content

Normally I hate installing software on my computer, if it’s not really needed. Any software you install is one more spot on your computer (your work tool). like, for example, I know Windows Explorer is not the best File Manager, but I would hate to install Total Commander or Far.

At least Misrosoft is under preassure from millions of angry and very critical users for the errors in it’s software. But you never know, what kind of bugs could sit for years in small tools from small vendors.

The same goes, of course, about messengers. I use always original MSN messenger and yes, i know it’s heavy and has ads, but it works. And it’s a part of the system. Miranda is not (I was using it for a couple of years and hated it).

The only exception is the browser. Even it’s a very much part of the system.  Even worse, most of the web-publishers in the Internet are testing their sites with IE (and then may be, if they have time, with Firefox). Which makes IE the only browser, which has some intensive to guarantee you the compatibility with content.  BUT! I’m still using another browser.

First it was Firefox and then, after it’s first release – Google Chrome.

The reason is that those browsers are made for displaying content. And nothing more. They’re trying to eliminate every single thing, every pixel between you and content. All those nice rich IE-features like web-slices, additional bar for favorites, additional window for LIVE Search, special, very slow procedures for displaying “about:blank” – all those are belong to the software, not to content!

According to my Wakoopa-profile I spend most of the time browsing (or working via browser, most of my work-related programs are web-based). So I really would like to stand nothing between me and content. It’s like breathing, I really hate even small obstacle between my lungs and the oxygen. How exactly Google Chrome helps with than?

  • super-fast opening a new tab with Ctrl-T (I’m going to write it twice, but I really-really hate to wait when IE is opening “about:blank”)
  • search in the address-bar (and also automatic possibility to start typing your search-string after Ctrl-T)
  • absence of program title bar (another several pixels for content!)
  • absence of ANY additional bars, buttons and menu’s
  • it’s just simply fast-fast-fast!

I’m not saying Google is the king and there will never be a better browser. Chrome is number one for the moment. May be even Microsoft will issue an IE-light with all those super-fast features. Then I’ll switch to IE. But for now the browser for content is Google Chrome!

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