sci-fi shows in 2009

It appears that sci-fi shows are popular again!

As every ner… (sorry, person with engineering education) I love science fiction and TV-shows.

Year 2009 had very interesting ones:

Battlestar Galactica has finished with 4th season and a movie. You may hate it for liberal approach (if you’re not liberal of course), but the setting was amazing

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles was unfortunately cancelled after 2nd season.  Unfortunately it’s typical for the sci-fi shows, apparently not enough people are watching them. In this show Summer Glau has earned permanent position in the pantheon of Nerd Goddesses.

Jess Windon (autor of cult show Firefly) is busy with Dollhouse. It was also cancelled and we’re waiting for the last episode. A little bit boring at the beginning, but has a very interesting finale. And, of course, cameo of Summer Glau!

The Day of the Triffids – mini-series about end of the world in teeth of human-eating plants! Ooh, how I hate Joely Rechardson after her performance in Nip/Tuck! Looks like she’s fully recovered after the mercury poisoning

Of course I can not stop watching Lost. One more season and may be we’ll finally understand what is happening there

Fringe from the same guys is OK, but also it’s not clear what exactly is there. Already 2nd season and still a number of almost non-related cases.

Flashforward has made a very nice start. I just don’t understand why there are so many alcoholics in Hollywood films!

V – they told me it’s a remake of an old show. Interesting, but so full of chicle’s that I think they made it on purpose. For the 100th time a blond FBI-agent and young muscular priest are fighting the whole word. But when the blond is Julietta from Lost, it makes the show worth watching!

I think I didn’t forget anything. I’m really glad there are so many talented people doing these shows for us!

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