Terry Prattchett latest books

It was a huge tragedy, when Terry Pratchett announced his condition. I love all his books, especially the Discworld series.

Somehow he still manages to write with his own style. Actually I could say his latest 2 books are not much different from the last 5 (staring let’s say with Going postal) There is almost no magic in this books, instead he speaks about economy, sociology, business and politics. Vetinari from a tyrant becomes a major figure with his own problems and idea’s.

I refuse to consider Mois von Lipwig to be a major figure in the last books. He’s way too¬†caricature to represent the real character. Instead, the City itself become the real hero. The books look more and more like history novels.

The problems of Ankh-Morpork, it’s wishes and ideas (or should I write “her ideas”) are the central conflicts, with Vetinari as a force, which solves them.¬†Actually he has already solved most of the conflicts, the city is not more troubled by devastating magic wars, dragons or gods. Now it’s time to build and improve it.

I really hope to read some more books of him.

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