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For some time I was a fun of “suitable for adult” graphic novels. Adult in this context doesn’t mean porno, although some tits are allowed. Adult means they would be interested for grown-ups (up to 25-30 years, to be honest). They have complicated scripts, cynical jokes and a lot of cultural references.  Normally the texts are written by one author, but graphic artists are changed from time to time. The more known a comic novel is, the more talented painters it can attract.

There are several cult comic novels, which are recommended to everybody.

  • Transmetropolitan – a genius/jerk journalist (with reference to Hunter S. Thompson)  is fighting the corrupt government in the distant future.
  • Preacher – very brutal story of a young priest, who occasionally find himself in the war between heaven and hell
  • The Sandman – epic story describing conflict between personified aspects of our life – the Death, the Sandman, the Vengeance, etc. Written by Neil Gainman.

The last one, The Sandman, was so popular, that they started a spin-off called Lucifer (as you can guess, the main hero is the Devil himself, tied from his management position as a CEO of Hell, decided to quit and open his own business). I love it very much, but it’s not as popular as the original.

Almost all of the “adult” novels are stopped, the big publishing houses continue to make hundreds of Superman, Spiderman and the other men-comics. But a couple are still running. Currently I’m following every couple of month those two:

Fables. A novel, which takes all characters from the children fairy tales books and puts them in the modern environment. The Big Bad Wolf is a sheriff, Snow-white is the general manager and Jack the Frost is a greedy and stupid playboy. Very dark and dramatic script, a lot of conflicts, war, death and treachery. The novel was so popular, that it also created a couple of spin-offs: Jack of Fables – adventures of immortal, greedy sexy handsome but stupid Jack and Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love (this one is brand new, the Cinderella is a James Bond-style super-spy)

Hellblazer – a very-very long series of comic books, currently running more than 20 years! The main character is a bad boy (again) John Constantine, who has a lot of occult knowledge and connections in the world of spirits, but doesn’t know what to do with it. He puts himself, his loved ones and friends in a lot of mortal troubles. In the first couple of years he’s made himself so many enemies, that his whole life is just simply running away from troubles. Keanu Reeves played him in a major motion picture Constantine, but of course, in the film he’s 10 times nicer and altruistic, than in the book.

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