TV-shows update: may 2010

Year 2009 was very good for the lovers of sci-fi TV-shows. Unfortunately year 2010 looks a bit less strong. Those are the one I’m trying to watch currently:

Lost – to be honest I don’t like this last season. Of course I have to watch it till the end, I just can not stop. Not after previous 5 seasons. But the script and motivation of the characters are a bit strange. This season is full with the famous LOST-style conspiracy. It’s when instead of giving simple straight answers people just telling something mysterious, like “You’ll know when the time comes!”, “You wouldn’t understand!”,  “It’s very important!”. Even in situations when a straight simple answer does exist.

Fringe became very-very boring as well. Currently it’s just a number of barely linked together episodes about science fiction. No story at all. At the middle of second season they even showed one episode from the first. Nobody noticed anything (except one of the heroes returned from the dead). I wander if they will continue the story about the war between worlds

V also completely lost the charm. Jullietta from Lost and Inara from Firefly are good for a couple of episodes, but not for the whole season. And the show doesn’t contain anything else, unfortunately. Just a bunch of cliche’s

Caprica is most probably the worst sci-fi show of 2010. Absolutely horrible and boring assholes as main characters. Minimum of fiction, maximum of women and teenage girls. Is that a spin-off to Battlestar Galactica or to Desperate Housewives?

Flashforward is a nice surprise though. First half of season was nothing special, but after the pause it looks like somebody gave the authors an order: “Just do a good show, for god’s sake!”. And they did! Nice story, a lot of action and suspense. May be the only one worth watching.

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