Sieg Larsson novels

I don’t like detective novels that much. After all the interesting investigation it boils down to simple murder (or simple theft). But sometimes some books are interesting on their own even in the genre, which is boring.

Stieg Larsson was a human rights defender. He especially didn’t like women and children abuse. So, there is a lot of those in the books. According to his wikipeida page he never written his books for money. In fact, he planned to write 10 novels just for fun of it. Unfortunately he died after finishing just three.

The main story of those 3 books are journalist investigations of different crimes, linked to a genius asocial girl – Lisbet Salander. A little bit of man-versus-government stuff, a little bit of protection-of-weak-against-tyranny-of-evil stuff. The books are quite new and deal with current, 21-century problems, which is always nice. We can recognize current events and current problems. It could be more interesting than classic literature, which could deal with social and political problems 100 years ago. He also gives some insides on Swedish politics, crime, police work and daily life.

Of course, sometimes you can guess that author was the protector of human rights. Especially he likes to protect a privacy of sexual relationships. Almost all characters in the books fuck a lot in different combinations  are quite promiscuous. And they become furiously enraged when somebody takes interest in that. The sentence ” One’s sexual preferences are NOBODY BUSINESS!!!!” screams dozens of times from the pages of the book. I may  agree with the point, but the enragement itself is also telling us something.

In any case I recommend to read those to everybody, interested in good literature.

Spoiler alert ON!

The “hacker” part is a bit naive from engineering prospective. The things Salander does could not be done by a hacker, sitting at home with their PC, no matter how technically good they are. Such things are done by people like her boss Armansky – with a lot of friends and informants in different organizations.

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