Cycling trips in ‘t-Gooi

Finally after a very cold and rainy 2 weeks we have something resembling spring. In the middle of May finally we got some sun (which we should have already seen in March). Isn’t it supposed to be global warming and greenhouse effect?

Anyway, I’m expanding my bicycle trips in the beautiful region of Gooi. I’ve created a google map object to collect all the small trips I’m making near Hilversum. It looks currently something like this:

The small circle to the north of Hilversum was my first small attempt to test the bike. Today I’ve rounded nice lakes west of Hilversum. They’re full of yacht marina’s and very expensive houses right in the middle of the lakes. It’s a bit cold still for the majority of leisure sailors (around 10 degrees Celsius), but I’ve seen a number of white canvases.

Next time I should pack the green forests to the east.

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