Brussels on Christmas Eve

Just to add something different from sunny Holland, a bit of Christmas pictures from Brussels.

place saint catherine, Brussels

View on the Saint-Catherine square with traditional Christmas market and skating rings.

Place Saint Catherine

Place Saint Catherine

Famous fish restaurants on the Saint-Catherine square. Previously this area was the Brussels river harbor, which explains why the fish from this place was famous. Currently the river is underground, but there is still some fish restaurants left.

Place Saint Catherine

Place Saint Catherine

Christmas market on the Saint-Catherine square. Normally it’s located on the Grand-Place right in the center of Brussels, but last 5 years the rent was so expensive, that it was moved to a couple of less known squares.

Beurse, Brussels

The former Stock Market of Brussels, currently just an architectural landmark. Also with a bit of Christmas market.

Gallery Saint Hubert, Brussels

Saint-Hubert gallery with a bit of Christmas design (not much that year)

Neuhaus Belgium chocolate chrismas design

Neuhaus is constantly changing the design of their shop at the Saint-Hubert gallery. This time of year – Christmas trees of course.

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