i-phone as bicycling tracker

Last month I occasionally became an i-phone 3G owner. I find it a very nice gadget, with a lot of useful features. The most important is, of course  – the Wooden Labyrinth. This one is really the reason the i-phone is so popular!

Also I was looking for other applications for a new generation pocket computational device. All the applications, which require Internet are not really interesting for me. I spend 16 hours per day in the Internet anyway, why would I want to be hooked up even when I’m not at my computer?

GPS is other story. i-phone doesn’t have the navigation software in the standard setup (not without the permanent Internet connection).

But the idea to track the speed and distance of the bicycle trips was very appealing to me. Apparently the best choice at this moment is MotionX.

It tracks speed, distance, elevation, you name it. Unfortunately it works only when the screen of the iPhone is on. Which drains the whole battery in 1.5 hours. If you turn the screen off – it stops writing the data.

Later today I’ve got info that this “feature” is a part of free Lite version of the program. Apparently the full version works when the screen is off as well. Hmm, I wonder if I should spend 3 euro finding that out.

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