The yiddish policemen’s union

I was recommended this book by a friend of mine. According to him,The Yiddish Policemen’s Union it’s practically new standard of style. I don’t know much about those standards, but I liked it very much.

From the first chapter I felt myself completely surrounded by the reality of the book. I felt it, I could almost smell the world of pseudo-Israel in the cold region of Alaska. The story revolves around the main idea of Judaism – their country, which they’re denied one more time. What would happen if Israel didn’t succeed in 1948 and the Jews had to flee again. What if they’re still called “Yids”, not “Jews”.

The main hero is very likable (almost too easily likable) – an old alcohol-driven police detective, who, nevertheless is able to solve mysteries and find all the criminals. It’s a bit cliche, if you ask me, poor soul in a search of answers.

But there are many other, very interesting and not so obvious characters in the book. It’s a fiction book and it’s got quite prestigious awards – both Nebula and Hugo. There are not so many novels with both of them, you can find the list here.

If you start to like the story and setting ¬†too much, you can always watch “A Serious Man” by Coen bothers, which gives completely different outlook on the Jewish situation in USA.

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