New York Brabants style

Yesterday after a long time we went to an evening “socializing” session in a bar in the center of Eindhoven. The center is a big word for it, Eindhoven is a very new city. Around 100 years ago it didn’t even exist as a city. Then, thanks for Phillips, the collection of small villages vere transformed to the biggest city in province Noord-Brabant.

Brabant people are very easy-going and have a healthy sense of humor. For example the place  we went called New York Cafe.  However, the big sign at the front says: “Cooperative Centrale Boerenleenbank”, (Central Bank of Cooperative Farmers or something even worse) . I think it’s for camouflage.

The menu looks like this:

Nice, sexy, glamorous (I wander if they pay royalties to Catherine-Zeta Jones). However, the motto of the bar is “cocktails, koeien & kreeften” (“Cocktails, cows and lobsters”)  I don’t have any idea, why cows (may be beefsteaks?) or lobsters (they were not in the menu).

However, there were nice cocktail options in the menu. Like you can order a battle of strong liquor and a lot of cola. And mix it yourself an the table! I like this “New your style!”

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