Catcher in the rye

Today in the sportclub I’ve finished listening to the “Catcher in the rye” by Salinger. Sometimes I feel like reading the classic well-known books, even if only just to understand, why people like them so much. But I admit, I’ve only got the book because the Salinger deceased a couple of month ago. Otherwise I completely forgot I heard about it.

I liked very much the way the book is written. It’s short and absolutely irresistible to read (or listen). If you start – you never get bored till the end. Even if the subject is not that interesting.

It’s a story, desctibing the process of  puberty. The couple of month of active physical changes in the organism of young human, which completely screws him (or her). And, in this situation, the boy, undergoing the changes has enormous empathy. He doesn’t know what’s happening, but he’s feeling every bit of it. He can only feel that something is wrong with him and with the world. But there’s absolutely nothing happening to the world, it’s just his hormones are building his body for reproduction.

May be it’s a bit cynic to analyze all those “youth rebellion” from physiological prospective, sorry. Unfortunately it was some time ago for me, so I don’t remember much how he felt. And, obviously, I can not feel it again.

But the book is very good and worth reading.

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