Bike trip Den Bosch – Hilversum

Today I’ve made a first serious cycling trip sins almost 3 years. That was hard!

On 11:15 I’ve left home and at 12:40 I was at ‘s-Hertogenbosch Centaal Station. From there different routes exist depending on where you want to cross the 3 “Great Rivers of Netherlands”. The one I used today is 82 km and I took me 5 hours 10 minutes almost without stops. It was quite windy and with 15 degrees very cold on the road. I didn’t take my camera with me because I just wanted to make it fast.

The nice parts among the roads are the 3 rivers itself and a huge forest from Leersum to Hilversum (more that half of the way!). Next time I’ll make more pics.

What did I take on a trip like this:

  • some money and bank card to buy train tickets (10 euro for the my ticket and 6 euro for the bicycle)
  • telephone (of course I missed a couple of calls anyway)
  • maps. Falk is making very nice one with the special cycling network points, spread across the country. I had to have 2 to cover all the trip number 11 and 12
  • spare tyre just in case (I had already 2 times flat tires during such day trips. Not to have a spare is very sore)
  • plastic tyre replacement kit
  • cycling gloves

Stuff on the bicycle itself:

  • small pomp
  • 2 lights, front and back. It’s actually illegal to ride without them in the dark
  • 1 liter of vitamine drink (2 bottles)
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