Locke Lamora

The books are getting bigger and bigger every year. They’re also multiplying, writers don’t just create novels, they’re creating long cycles of them.

Everybody wants to be like Rowling. It’s even normal to plan ahead, like I’m going to create a huge 10-volumes story about this character. I even know already names of the books. Sometimes authors even succeed.

In year 2009 the most popular author was Stephenie Meyer, creator of a long series of books about teenage vampires.

The positive part of such application of written talents  is The World. Some writers are great in creation of their own Worlds. If the series is big enough you have everything in it: history, politics, science, a dozens of different cultures and religions as well as types of magic.

The lies of Locke Lamora is the first book in one of  such thorough series. The story takes place in alternative reality, very brutal medieval style world, with magic and alchemy. It has tons of violence. And tons of details. About violence. So it’s a bit hard to read, if you don’t like pieces of meat on every page.

The main characters are members of con artist gang and their attempts to score a long con. Of course their plans don’t go as planned and of course they discover horrible mysteries. That’s how it usually works.

As I mentioned, I especially like those books because of the enormouns amount of details about this World.

The author has published the first two books around 3 years ago, but sins then – nothing. From his Livejournal blog you can find that’s he’s suffering from some mental distortions and undergoing  a therapy. Let’s hope he be better soon and finish his books!

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