Monkey mountain

People like to watch monkeys and apes. They’re so similar to us and yet so different. The funniest part are human emotions, which you could guess on their faces. I can watch them for hours!

There is a very nice attraction in the hills of Alsace, called Montagne des Singes (Monkey mountain). It’s a hill, completely surrounded by huge 5-meter high fence. There is a bi population of monkeys living inside. Except of the border fence, there is no limits inside, so monkeys could come and interact with you.

In order to make interactions productive, you’re given some unflavored popcorn, which you can feed to them. Monkeys don’t afraid of the people much, but don’t like them much either. They can take the popcorn from your had, if you’re let them. They also can steal any small objects, so be careful with jewelry and glasses.









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