Dutch pirates party

If you go to http://thepiratebay.org/ you can see the on the main banner of the page the invitation to vote for The Pirates Party. At least that’s what I see with Dutch IP-address, I’m not sure what people in other countries see.

Yes, there is a official political party in The Netherlands –  Piratenpartij. They’re registered and have their candidates for the upcoming election on the June,9.

Is this serious or is this a kind of a joke? Officially they’re as good as all the other parties. But let’s look at their position for the election.

Currently there are a number of hot important issues, which the country have to deal with. Those are:

  • tax exempt of the mortgage rent (the hottest topic by far)
  • immigration policy
  • security issues (not enough police agents)
  • pension age increase

Every major party has something to say on those 4 issues. Those answers will define how people will vote.

What does the Pirates Party has to say on those topics? Nothing. Their attention is directed towards issues on privacy, information freedom, human rights, etc, etc. I don’t believe they’re serious about managing the country.

It’s just a publicity stunt, attempt to raise attention to certain issues.

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