CMS for a small site

3-4 years ago for a small website project (around 50 pages in 3 languages plus news) I’ve chosen Joomla! (the exclamation mark is not displaying my overwhelming emotions towards the product, it’s actually part of the name)

I didn’t do the design template myself, this is a bit too technical for me (or may be I’m just afraid to touch anything with word “design”), but the rest was  very easy.

Joomla served right for many years and help to earn millions of euro, although there was some minor disadvantages:

  • any change of design is quite difficult. For example to add a third level menu if you have only two. You need to tweak the template file very accurately
  • I don’t like the SEO-plugin at all. It’s very hard just to create simple short fixed URLs. Especially together with the translation plugin
  • Speaking about translation, the JoomFish was also not very brilliant. I’d actually prefer to have 3 sites (one per language, not one with 3 translations). Otherwise if you have 50 pages in your mother language and just 40 in the other ones, you can not publish them correctly.

So I’ve desided to have a look on what’s on the market for the modern CMSes in 2010. First of all I found the site , which was horrible.  Despite on scientific approach to the CMS description, it didn’t help me at all. After choosing some of the requirements, I’ve got a list of 50 products and initial Joomla was not even in it.

After some googling it looks like the following product  are suitable for the needs: Joomla itstelf (still), Bitrix, Drupal and Typo3.

Next step I’ll try to find some freelance designers and ask them which CMS do they prefer from this list.

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