Foursquare – drawing the line to privacy

More of my friends are starting with the newest Social Network gizmo – Foursquare.

I like social networking (one of the reason, I’m writing it). Other people don’t like it and their major concern is often – privacy issues. People don’t like to share intimate information (for some reasons).

Yet another people went even further – they believe social network are dangerous. They’re secret databases for ┬áthe police, CIA, KGB, you name it. There is something in this point of view, of course. If you have a list of your friends, hobbies, places you like, places you visit, it would be easier to find you when you hide from the law.

IF you hide from the law.

Foursquare is definitely could provide help in this direction. This service allows to to “check-in” in different locations, like Starbucks restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. It has all modern social network features, like awards, statistics, badges, achievements (looks like World of Warcraft a bit).

However when I logged in and looked the the neighbour location, I found a lot of “My home” locations. So, what you need to do is:

  • write an application for scanning the home locations nearby
  • let it download the preferences from the linked facebook account, like “Fan of Hi-Fi, Jewelry, old books, etc”
  • drive in rich neighbourhoods and create a map of potential burglary targets
  • find out via a twitter account, when people are normally going to work/traveling
  • (skipped)

I think this application is really too much for me, I’m switching to the category of paranoid Facebook-haters!

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