There are lies, damn lies and statistics. What happens if you apply the rules of statistical analyze to real life? Horrible, horrible things. You can prove almost anything and  break the same proof again and again.

Depends on how you apply your statistical knowledge. A book “Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything” is about the ways how you can apply mathematics to real life.

Does really pro-abortion laws helped to clean american steets from violence?  How people give names to their kids and what happens if you give a wrong name? The authors are trying to figure that out. One of the authors, Stephen J. Dubner is a journalist, that’s why the topics are very hot and controversial. Which makes this book fun to read. Do I believe the authors? Not much, they showed themselves, how biased could a statistical analisys become. But it’s interesting to read anyway.

If you like more sober and scientific approach to the problem of mathematics in real life, I’d recommend books by Nassib Taleb. He also likes to place horror in the minds of the readers, but much much more honestly.

But returning to Levitt and Dubner, I just found today they’ve made a sequel to their book – SuperFreakonomics. What else could they find to catch our attention? Suicide bombers, whores and dead horses on the streets of New York! Of course I’m going to read it, I find the topics  irresistible!

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