Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Yesterday i finished listening to the latest book of Dan Brown – “Lost Symbol“.

I like Dan Brown, he writes very enjoyable pulp fiction. I liked him even more, when he was  a science fiction writer (the first 3 books). Then he discovered that religion fiction pays much better, unfortunately

While reading “Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Daemons”, a lot of people were asking themselves – what kind of social contract fulfilled the author. Who was paying him for the critique of catholic Church and why?

Well, after “Lost Symbol” it’s clear who is behind all those books. Masons! Yes, the first time in Brown novels there is a protagonist worldwide organization- the masons. They’re good, rich, smart, sexy and winning at the end. Aha!

Seriously, it’s a very nice pulp fiction, I recommend it to everybody, who want to relax and have fun.

Spoiler Alert!

I find the finale of the book  just horrible. It would be much-much better to finish at the moment, when CIA-officer barks her final insult toward the main hero and goes away. That should be it! May be sex-scene  between main heroes, but nothing more about the masonic secrets.

Because he spoiled it all. This finale is even worse that the finale of “Lost”

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