Avira sense of humor

I don’t know if there is a joke is there a word in English language for  something like “compulsory but made to appear as voluntary”. There is one in Russian. The literal translation would be  “voluntary-compulsory”, but it doesn’t sound that funny.

Yesterday I’ve tried a test installation of free antivirus from Avira. I’ve already written about how “free” they really are. The main and only idea of these free products is to get some customer information and to persuade him to buy an extended commercial version.

So, these  free Anti-Viruses  could be absolutely bloated with e-commerce features and conversion attempts. This is an example from Avira:

It looks like the desingers of this screen get the idea of what exactly “voluntary-compulsory” means

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  • Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • That's like “volpulsory”!

  • How about to uncheck the box “Yes, I would like to register as a user of Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus” to avoid the error message?

  • ask77nl

    Yes, I know! But they reached the goal. I didn't notice this option till much later. By that time it was too late, I have volunteraly registered!

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