Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a dark cyberpunk novel by Richard Morgan. At the time, when most of the bestsellers are talking about vampires, catholics or wizards, it’s nice to find a good old-school science fiction action novel.

Richard Morgan is the flagship of cyberpunk of the first decade of 21 century (as was William Gibson in 80s and Neal Stephenson in 90s). The book has everything you need:

  • Futuristic world: super-soldiers, virtual reality, artificial intelligences, Japanese mega-corporations, Anglo-Saxons billionaires.
  • Fights: fist-figts, gun-fights, knife-fights, robot-fights, heavy artillery-fights
  • Sex: normal sex, virtual sex, drug-induced sex, even love-making sex!
  • Story: a nice crime and punishment script with a number of twists

Can’t wait to start with the sequels: Broken Angels and Woken Furies

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