twitter shit-storm

Yesterday evening I was watching in real time how the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has written (or has twitted) his first tweets.

My first idea was: when will his twitter be hit by an Internet shit-storm? The answer was: in approximately 1 hour. In the comments of his first twit-photo The problem is not even critique of his politics or the decisions (although of course there were some in more than 2000 posts). Mostly it’s just stupid spam-storm of robot-generated comments with obscenities and links to web-sites with questionable content.

On the twitter account of Barak Obama, on the other hand, there is a short memo: “Official WH twitter account. Comments & messages received through official WH pages are subject to the PRA and may be archived.” Sounds scary. I don’t think Obama gets a lot of such shit-storms

PS. Obama actually re-twitted Medvedev 🙂 They’re like normal people!

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  • It's “tweet”, not “tweat”, by the way 🙂

  • ask77nl

    How would I supposed to guess?:)
    fixed in the text, BTW.

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