Horus Heresy – Horus rising

I never particularly liked Warhammer 40.000, never played any board or computer games, based on this universe. In fact, armored felt boots are waay to nerdy even for me. But sometimes one can appreciate masterpieces even in the genres, which one doesn’t like. Unquestionable masterpiece was the latest computer game in the Warhammer 40.000 series –  Dawn of War 2.

With this game you can feel deep submersion into the history and universe of the Warhammer world. Characters are strong and story is dramatic. Not to mention a great playability of the game inself.

Suddenly I’ve realized there is a huge number of novels, written about the Warhammer 40K universe. There are literally dozens of them, written in the last decade.  I gave one a try.

The first novels in the series (I think) are talking about the beginning of the major good-versus-evil conflict  – Horus Rising.

Horus was The Warmaster, it’s some kind of secretary of defence (or, secretary of aggression, actually, because the Empire was quite active in the conquests). The Empire itself resembles the Roman Empire at it’s prime. Well, what else you want to take as an example for a dystopian war-oriented empire? The first book tells us about working days of Space Marines, armored super-soldiers of future and their first encounters with Chaos, the evil from the parallel universe.

Very very nice sci-fi, I enjoyed it a lot. I’ll try a couple of more books in the series to see where it goes from that.

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