Brno, Czech Republic

The last 3.5 days I’ve spend in a hot hills of Czech Republic. It’s my first time, and actually, it was only work, work, work. No time to sightseeing. The only thing’s I’ve noticed are:

  • It’s a very clean and bright country. Apparently they’ve spend a lot of money, cleaning the centers of old cities in the last 10 years. They look very fresh and beautiful
  • Very nice food, mostly meat with vegetables and beer. Every evening we’re tasting Pilsner Urquel and local brands: Bernard, Starobrno
  • Absolutely awful American-style coffee everywhere
  • Very few crowds outside of Prague. We haven’t been to the capital, so I don’t know how it’s there. But no traffic jams on highways.

The only picture in this post was made from 15 floor restaurant on the outskirts of Brno. You could see the main road to the old center and Moravian hills on the background. Hopefully next time I’ll have more time for pictures.

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