My first TV-set

It finally happened! I’ve bought my first own  TV-set. After just 8 months of waiting. Actually the whole process of selection and purchase was very interesting.

Every year every manufacturer likes to deliver new versions of the products. With anti-viruses normally you have right for a free upgrade. With TVs, of course, it doesn’t happen. New models are coming to shelves and you have to buy it if you want it.

But what happens with old models of the TVs? Logically, they must drop in price. Well, from what I’ve seen, Phillips has found better solution.  Please, note, that the following is not an inside information, but an attempt to analyze the situation. I may be wrong. But anyway, that’s what happened:

  • Phillips normally have names for they models like this 46PLF9704H/12
  • The first 2 cyphers are the size, in inches. I’ve chosen a big 46″-47″ model with “normal” 16:9 form factor.
  • Phillips has several model lines, 3000, 5000,7000,8000 en 9000 for that.  Number 9 after PFL shows the model line.
  • 4 in 9704 means that it’s model, made in 2009. On the site of Phillips there are also the 5-models, of the 2010. But they’re not in the shops yet. And, honestly speaking, I don’t trust all these 3D-propaganda. It looks like they just simply putting the 3D-logo on the newest models of year 2009 and increasing the price. So, year 2009 looks like a good choise.
  • /12 means it’s made for European market, that’s the only things you can buy here.

So, after choosing the model I had to find it first. doesn’t sell the 9000-line online, only via distribution. But it looks like Philips is making a smart move with this models. When the 46PLF9704H was new, the price was around €2600. In year 2010 you’d expect the price to drop a little bit. And after the launch of 2010-models the price should drop dramatically. However instead of that, this model simply disappeared from all the Benelux distributors at the beginning of the year. I was ready to pay the money in January, but it simply was not available. Currently, in July, the new 2010-models are still not in the shops, but the 46PLF9704H already disappeared from And from all the shops.  I guess when the never version of this model hit the shelves, it will also cost the same 2600 euro.Very nice trick, which allows the vendor always to keep the price on the top-line models high, while replacing them every year.

I’ve tried to search for it on the best Dutch price-comparatives site Pricewatch on I did find it only on one e-shop, and not the biggest one.  After calling them I found out the secret – their storage was in Germany, so, most probably it was not cleaned yet. And they really had in on stock. And even reduced the price a little bit on the day I’ve ordered it.

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