Broken Angels by Richard Morgan

Broken Angels
is the sequel to “Altered Carbon” by newest cyberpunk idol Richard Morgan. Takeshi Kovac has again some nano- and megaenimies to crush with his “envoy conditioning”.

This book is less brutal and less sex-oriented. Actually it’s more sci-fi-oriented than the first one. We are getting more and more inside into the world of the future. How has the human race  invented space travel and soul digitization? Was that a good decision (to invent all of this)?

First book had a typical “revenge” story. A crime has been committed and the protagonist must restore the justice. The second one is a “quest” story. A band of brothers are on a mission, they must destroy all the obstacles and reach the goal.  And the finale is so mysterious, that I immediately started reading the third one, Woken Furies.

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