One more CRM migration

Today I’ve started another migration of company data from one CRM to another. Last time I did it from Goldmine 6.0 to MS CRM 3.0. This time the task is much easier: from CRM 4.0 to CRM 4.0.

List of Things to migrate:

  • customisations and special fields
  • account data with all account details, notes and contacts (this one is still running while I’m writing this post)
  • accounts hierarchy
  • all additional and non-account related contacts
  • order history

It’s almost always easier to break all the old data to small pieces and combine them into the new structure. At the same moment you can delete garbage and old data and even analyze, which parts of the CRM structure were more useful than another.

After already 3rd generation of the same business model I can see that some of the features of CRM are used by sales people and which aren’t. The most important for them by far are contact details and notes. Sales love notes, it allows them to store information without thinking about business intelligence models. Of course, sometimes they ask questions like “which resellers perform better in 2009, than in 2008”. For such questions you should have all order history stored in a neat structured way. Even if nobody is enjoying it every day.

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