Finishing business

Yesterday at 23:30 PM I’ve shut down a number of web-services, I’ve created in the last 4 years. A big part of my wor- life is finished. A bit frustrating that I can not even write about it properly. The company I’ve made it for is still in dispute with another company ¬†and only lawyers can say what they want in public about the case.

Anyway, I’ll try to continue and expand in the same field as before – e-commerce applications.

Meanwhile I’m trying to master a very hardcore old-school RPG – Demon’s Souls. I haven’t seen such hardcore games sinds Might and Magic 6 or 7. None of those console-style user-friendly features like auto-heal, auto-save, fast level-ups, fast gearing, etc. Just a lot of farming and munching. Very very hard stuff, I like it a lot.

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