Woken Furies

With regret I have to say that Richard Morgan is most probably not the Gibson of 21-st century. “Woken Furies”, the third book of Takeshi Kovacs series is following the downhill from “Altered Carbon” to “Broken Angels“. This time the ex-super soldier returns to his homeworld and tries to resolve some horrible conflicts there.

The third time the same elaborate sex-scenes with all the female heroines in the book, the same envoy-conditioning fights (with all male heroes of the book), the same science-fiction discoveries. Doesn’t work as good as the first time. May be Richard is even “one book writer”. Anyway, I’m switching to Warhammer completely.

PS. Funny thing, the actor, who was narrating this audiobook didn’t read the first one at all. This is from “Altered Carbon”:

‘So much for training.’ It was a hard, male voice, the sort that habitually hangs around justice facilities. ‘What did they teach you in the Envoys anyway, Kovacs?’    That was when I had it. On Harlan’s World, Kovacs is quite a common name. Everyone knows how to pronounce it. This guy didn’t. He was speaking a stretched form of the Amanglic they use on the World, but even allowing for that he was mangling the name badly, and the ending came out with a hard ‘k’ instead of the slavic ‘ch’.

Apparently the narrator of the third book is obviously not from the Harlan’s world, because he doesn’t know, how to read “Kovacs” correctly.

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