The Horus Herecy – False Gods

The second part of the Horus Heresy – False Gods was written by another writer – Graham McNeill (honestly, I’ve never heard of him before). Secretary of Aggression of 40.000 years old Imperium of Man, Horus is joining the Dark Side and plotting against his boss – The Emperor of Man. The first time some mystic elements appear in otherwise pure technical world.

May be the Emperor is a little bit of god. May be the creations of Chaos are a little bit demons. Officially the government is pure materialistic.  But what could you do if mechanical devices start to register demonic activities and there are really measured consequences of miracles.

This book talks a bit more about normal mortal people, surrounding immortal Astartes and Primarchs. They also started to play their roles in the story. Althogh in case of any inconvenience they’re slaughtered by the warrior-beings without second thought.

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