Cycling around Hilversum

Last weekend the Dutch weather stoke back at us. Planned 2 months in advance cycling trip around Hilversum was put in grave danger by a rain. Rain is the only condition, which could make cycling unbearable.¬†Even the nicest parts of ‘t-Gooi looked like this:

We’ve made 54 km with 2 beer-stops in the middle and called it a day.

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  • Dlkeininger

    I saw your blog on the playstation. Now, before I buy one. Tell me did you also check out and compare the XOBX360? it seems to be a good option also.

  • Hello Doroty.
    Basically XBOX 360 is almost the same, just a little bit older.
    But actually if you don’t want to play the games, but just watch movies, listen to music and look at pictures, you better check out a HTPC, like for example.

    You can watch everything with maximum quality and you get a normal remote control with it, not the game-controller.

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